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Engineering excellence is reinforced by experienced operators and supervisors producing quality molds with state-of-the-art equipment.

At Colonial Machine, man and machine form an innovative partnership to achieve optimum productivity and efficiency. A firm commitment to CNC-CAD/CAM and continual upgrading of all equipment and operator skills affords Colonial Machine Company a competitive edge industry wide.

CAD/CAM and Support Equipment:


1 Station: Software - Pro Engineering Designer Package
Windows NT
Hardware - Pentium

6 Stations: Software - CadKey, Windows
Hardware - Pentium

1 Station: Software - Solid View (for viewing wire frame info in 3-D format)

3 Stations: Software - Solid Works
Hardware - Pentium


1 Station: Software - Predator DNC
Hardware - Pentium

2 Stations: Software - SDRC, Solid Modeling
Hardware - Pentium

2 Stations: Software - Cimatron Technologies
Hardware - Pentium

1 Station: Software - Mastercam
Hardware - Pentium

We can accept your part files on 3½" disc, CD, and Zip. We prefer Native Solid Works, Pro E, or CadKey translation if possible. Our engineering email address is for part file information transfer along with our FTP site:

Shop Equipment:

Vertical CNC Machining Centers
1-DMG DMU 85 5-axis
X=37", Y=33.5", Z=25.6"
1-LeBlond/Makino FNC-74
X=28" Y=18" Z=18"
1-OKK VM7 (High Speed Spindle)
X=61" Y=29" Z=26"
1-Johnford VMC 1600 (High Speed Spindle)
X=63" Y=33.5" Z=28"
2-Creative Technologies-High Speed Machining
1-Fadal VMC-10
2-LeBlond/Makino FNC-128
X=50" Y=32" Z=28"
1-Haas Vertical CNC 50"x20"x20"
1-Haas Vertical CNC 30"x16"x20"

Horizontal Machining Center
1-Parpas SL-90 X=79" Y=41" Z=34"

CNC Turning Center
1-Nakamura Slant Four - 12" Chuck
1-Puma 200C - 8" Chuck

EDM Equipment
1-Chamilles-Roboform 810
1-Colonial "Special" EDM Machine
X=90" Y=32", 30" Under Head
1-Chamilles-Roboform 40 - Tool Changer

Vertical Milling Machines
1-Trak K3 Knee Mill

Duplicators and/or Vertical Milling Machines

Horizontal Milling Machines
1-Cincinnati #2 MI

Horizontal Boring Mills
1-WMW 4" Spindle 1-Shibaura 4" Spindle

Radial Drilling Machines
1-Carlton 3'x11" Col.

1-LeBlond 17"x48"
1-Sidney 18"x60"
1-W/S 3A Turret
1-W/S 3 Turret

Drill Presses
1-Allen Variable Speed #3
1-Delta #2
1-Techni-Drill Gun/BTA

Engraving Machines
2-Gorton P-2-3

Spotting Press
1-Beckwood Press (Tilt-out top plat
Clamping area 60"x52"
Stroke opening 56";100 ton ra
1-Colonial "Special" 150 Ton 40"x60

1-Lincoln Electric
1-Oxygen & Acetylene
1-Rocklin Mold Mender
1-Thermal Dynamics

1-Grob Band Saw
1-Racine Power Hack Saw
1-Friction Cut-Off Saw
1-Marvel Band Saw #8

Special Equipment
1-Meta-Lax Stress Reliever

1-G & L #570 16"x36"
1-G & L #45 12"x24"
1-Covel 10"x15"
1-Delta Toolmaster 6"x12"
1-Cincinnati #2 Tool Grinder
2-Cincinnati Monoset Tool
1-O.D. Cutter Grinder
1-Gorton Tool & Cutter Grinder
1-Oliver Drill Grinder
1-Norton "C" O.D.-I.D.