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Major Supplier to the Pipe Fitting Industry

Custom Manufactured PVC Pipe Fitting Mold for the Plumbing Industry

The custom manufactured mold pictured to the left is used to make PVC pipe fittings for the plumbing industry. A client contracted Colonial Machine to fabricate this mold based on a customer-supplied 3D geometry. Our skilled technicians first employed various horizontal and vertical CNC milling machinery to rough machine all impression surfaces and side pockets, as well as counter bore, tap, and drill waterlines to print and machine ejector pin holes. We also produced all side locks and counter pockets, and formed the horn pin clearance. Finally, we finish machined all impression surfaces.

After completion, the overall mold measured 56” x 35”, weighed approximately 10,000 lbs., and possessed various stainless steel cavities and cores heat treated for better wear. The mold produced a 4” diameter 90 degree elbow that satisfied both customer and industry quality standards. Over the years Colonial Machine has produced over 100 molds for a variety of fitting for this customer with this mold being delivered to their facility in Texas easily within their requested delivery time of 10-12 weeks.

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Custom Manufacturing Specifications for the PVC Pipe Fittings

Product Description   This custom manufactured Mold is used to manufacture PVC Pipe Fittings.
Capabilities Applied/Processes  
CNC Machining
Rough Machine All Impression Surfaces
Rough Machine All Side Pockets
Drill Waterlines
Counter Bore & Tap Waterlines to Print
Machine Ejector Pin Holes
Machine Side Locks & Counter Pockets Per Print
Machine Horn Pin Clearance
Finish Machine Impression Surfaces
Heat Treatment
Stress Relieve
Grind Parting Line Surface
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part  
Various Horizontal and Vertical CNC Milling Machines
Technidrill - High Speed Gundrilling
Spotting press
Overall Part Dimensions  
Mold Size:
Length: 56.000"
Width: 35.000"
Multiple Cavity Fitting Size:
Diameter: Ø4.00"
Bend Angle: 90 degree
Tightest Tolerances   .001"
Material Used   Mold Base: P-20 Steel with rust preventative coating
Cavities: Ramax Stainless Steel
Cores: 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Material Finish   320 Buff
In process testing/inspection performed   ISO 9001 calibrated tools and equipment
Estimated Part Weight   10,000 lbs
Industry for Use   Plumbing
Quantity Manufactured   100's
Turn Around Time   10 to 12 Weeks
Delivery Location   Waco, Texas
Standards Met   Customer supplied 3-D Geometry
Product Name   90 Degree Pipe Fitting Mold

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