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Colonial Machine recently CNC machined 5 material savers for the rubber industry

CNC Machining Material

The material saver, shown to the left, is used as a component within rubber manufacturing equipment. Colonial Machine CNC machined 5 of these products for a client from the rubber industry. We began this project by rough machining the units' product areas per CAD print specifications. Our advanced Technidrill was used to drill the parts' various water passages. We additionally machined pockets for water passage, as well as all holes. Finally, we finish machined all oversize dimensions and machine ends, and ground the material savers' .004"-.005" thick, chrome plating to create a smooth, 63 RMS surface finish.

Using our thermal stress relieving technology, we heat treated the material savers at 1050 degrees Fahrenheit over an 8 hour period. This process helped relieve any stresses in the part, preventing possible long-term product distortions. Holding tolerances as close as ± .001", we manufactured the parts to measure 33" x 11.5" x 7.50". The components also weighed approximately 800 lbs each. With our ISO 9001 calibrated tools and equipment, we evaluated all units to ensure they fulfilled client specifications.

Successfully meeting our customer's high expectations for design and quality, Colonial Machine delivered all final products to our buyer's facility in Omaha, Nebraska within a short, 3 to 4 week lead time.

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Precision CNC Machining Specifications or the Material Saver

Product Description   This Material Saver is used within a rubber manufacturing machine.

Capabilities Applied/Processes  
CNC Machining
  • Rough Machine Product Area Per CAD Print
  • Machine Pockets for Water Passage
  • Drill Water Passages Per Print
  • Machine All Holes Per Print
  • Finish Machine All Oversize Dimensions
  • Finish Machine Ends
Heat Treatment
  • Thermal Stress Relieve @1050ᵒ For 8 Hours
  • Grind After Chrome Plating

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part   Various Horizontal and Vertical CNC Milling Machines Technidrill
Surface Grinder

Overall Part Dimensions   Length: 33.000"
Width: 11.500"
Height: 7.50"

Tightest Tolerances   ±.001"

Material Used   A-36 steel

Material Surface Finish   63 RMS

Finish   Chromed Plated
  • .004"-.005" Thick

In process testing/inspection performed   ISO 9001 calibrated tools and equipment

Estimated Part Weight   800 lbs

Industry for Use   Rubber

Quantity Manufactured   5

Turn Around Time   3 to 4 Weeks

Delivery Location   Omaha, Nebraska

Standards Met   Customer supplied print Geometry

Product Name   Material Saver

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